Security Grills & Security Gates

The security of your home or business is of paramount concern to all home and business owners. Unfortunately despite alarms and other deterrents some thieves will still manage to gain entry if there is a way to do so.

This is almost always via the weakest spot in the security measures, and this is often doors or windows located out of view in 'blind spots' such as behind garden walls or back / service alleys.

A most effective method of eliminating the risk from these 'blind spot' windows and doors is with metal security grills. Using our design skills Munique can create stylish yet functional security grills for windows and doors to help remove the break-in risk.

Munique Designs offer:

  • Very competitive prices
  • Galvanizing to prevent rust
  • Powder coating in any colour of your choice
  • FREE quote, installation and designing
  • Quotation at a time to suit you

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